Luxury Tents In Jaisalmer

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Best Luxury Tent Accommodation Gives You the Luxuries and Adventure

For the first time Queen of Thar Desert Camp is thrilled to bring you savor and rob with an opportunity that redefines outdoor luxury tents in Jaisalmer. In Jaisalmer this is one of the finest ways to enjoy your vacations, along with family and friends visit Queen of Thar Desert Camp. View all posts by Queen of Thar Desert Camp. Read to discover what we consider the ultimate choice of a luxurious desert camp that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.... We are the only luxury tented camp set in the Jaisalmer deserts. Most people have had a pretty solid moment at camp and working with the local communities. We would for sure take you a completely different way of traditional life which is carefully maintained.

Royal Luxurious Tent:

The Luxurious Royal Tent in the focus of a pleasant desert will without a doubt give you an ideal happiness in your visit. Jaisalmer tour offers you the tents in Jaisalmer along with your camping experience which is really going to be a lot of fun. Our tent is furnished with ethnic handcrafted furniture and roll-up windows. Camping away from home with your family and friends is kind of new vacation idea!! Royal Tent: Tents The Royal tent is covered with abundant canvas lay upon a high mattress underneath the feet. The floor is also the proof of cotton which makes it comfortable for you...

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Cultural Activity

We provide unique experience to our guests giving an opportunity of rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. After Camel Safari in the desert, freshup youself and surrounding by a large numuber of stars above to join the evening at our big camp fire with lot Indian visotor sit around, unlimited unequie Rajathani traditional folk dances perform on stage under local artist. Also relish the light snacks being served during dance performance with chai (tea) or coffee.

Popular Rajasthan Folk Dances, Ghoomer Dance Potter Dance Kalbeliya - Snake dance Bhopa-Bhopi Theatre etc. Rajasthan popular Kalbeliya Dance admires worldwide cause it has fast music with high beat and ather the mesmerized body movements. The folk dances by Traditional Snake Charmers rock to the lilt of the "Been" and throb with drum beats. The visitors are captivated of their graceful and sinuous dancing movements.

Bhopa BHopi- Where some old folk stories of Indian Folk God or king and a dance is performed on that part in kind song.

The desert of Rajasthan leave the footsteps tapping to their very rhythms - it is dancing, magical dance performance which Rajasthani's call Ghoomer. The artists performs Potter Dance with seven to eleven pots on the top of her head, and some shows will dance with illuminated pots at the top. You will enjoy your delicious fresh Rajasthani food along with local musicians that would entertain you.

Accommodation is one aspect! Winds are providing the experiences which make of top camp and desert tent in Jaisalmer. There, you will enter another world of fables amongst hundreds readies for music and dance. we have a modern-day camp with all possible luxuries and convenience for our clients, providing an out standing comfort along the desert proximity. Let the pampering session surprise you with its bespoke services embedded in Rajasthani Hospitality culture. Feast on Rajasthani fare served fresh under melange of the starlit sky and be engulfed with an evening bonfire followed by a magnificent cultural performance set up by local folk artists. A lot of these things are included in the price of tent packages you pay for.