Half Day Jeep Tour

Take A Tour of the Golden Relics

We will take you to the golden relics on the outskirts of Jaisalmer. Tour includes:

  • Bada Bagh (the beautiful cemetery of the Bhatti royal family)
  • Lodrawa (the ancient capital of Jaisalmer)
  • Amar Sagar (the intricately hand carved Jain temple)
  • Kuldhara (the mysterious abandoned village)
  • Ruins of Khaba Fort (once inhabited by the prosperous Paliwal Brahmins)
  • Sam sand dunes with camel ride as an additional option
  • Bottled water and fruit.

Tour runs for 4 to 5 hours

Morning tour departs camp 8.00 AM

Afternoon tour departs camp 1.00 PM

Safari Jeep Tours

Imagine a day on a rugged off-road adventure to see the sand dunes, ancient relics and scenic beauty of the Thar Desert! Isn’t that an excursion everyone should try?

Our safari jeep tours offer you something different – an exploration of history, bygone royalty, the hush hush of empty relics. An experience you will remember forever. Our guided tours offer a variety of excursions, visiting various interesting places on the outskirts of Jaisalmer.

These include Lodrawa, which was ancient capital of the Bhatti dynasty till 1156 AD, when Rawal Jaisal founded the current city of Jaisalmer and shifted his capital there.

Also Bada Bagh, the Amar Sagar Jain Temple, the Ruins of Khaba Fort and Kuldhara – the abandoned village once inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins but abandoned in the early 19th century for mysterious reasons.

All of these are included in our half day desert jeep safari.

For an extra buzz, you can add dune bashing (jeep safari) to your schedule. In fact, we can tailor your safari jeep tour to your perfection.

Book a Jeep tour with us today and look forward to an amazing adventure!

Jeep Safari Jaisalmer

The Thar Desert around Jaisalmer is remote, uncivilized, ancient. A jeep safari is a great way to see the desert, and one of the most highly rated things to do on a visit to Jaisalmer.

xYou too can experience the beauty of the golden Sam Sand Dunes of the Thar Desert (aka The Great Indian Desert). Yes, during the height of the Summer, the desert is burning hot. But during the months between September and March, Sam Sand Dunes are a beautiful and intriguing place to visit. You see, the dunes are remarkable amongst all the deserts of the world for their perpetual movement due to the strong winds that rise each year before the onset of the monsoon. Desolate in parts, small villages nestle around the outskirts of Jaisalmer city, some abandoned and some where local people still live simple, traditional lives. And landmarks that tell the story of Jaisalmer from its origins. Choose your jeep tour to explore this remarkable region.

Choose Your Jeep Tour

We understand that the definition of adventure and fun is not a one-size-fits-all. That’s why we provide different kinds of jeep tours. We can also customize a tour based on what you want.

Our safari jeep tours range from mild to wild. You can take a jeep ride out across the Sam Sand Dunes in the quiet of the morning, or in the evening and stop to see the sunset. Or go on a dune bashing adventure. You can also combine your jeep tour with a camel ride. And stay at Queen of Thar Desert Camp and enjoy an evening of cultural entertainment and then a dance to finish off the day.

You can choose one or use a variety of excursions to explore. We can assure you that you’ll find all of them scenic, fascinating and exciting.

Jeep Safari (Dune Bashing Adventure)

For an adventure you will never forget, try a fun 40-minute dune trip in an open jeep across Sam Sand Dunes on our Jeep Safari. You and your driver will explore the desert in a four-wheel-drive vehicle, across the high and low sand dunes separated by sandy plains and low parched hills which rise up from the surrounding plains of the Thar desert. The Thar Jeep Safari takes you on a super thrilling and adventurous journey worthy of being remembered for a lifetime!

Meet the Locals

We want you to have more than a fun time. Our Thar Desert tours offer an opportunity to learn about the local history and people. You can interact with the people and learn more about Thar Desert.

Our guide is local and knowledgeable and open to giving you all the information you want. Education doesn’t have to exclude fun!

Get an exciting learning tour ride with us today!

Guides You Can Trust

We take your safety very seriously during our Safari jeep tours. Therefore, we only employ an experienced local guide to take you on all our jeep tours.

Never worry about your safety on our jeep tours!

An Unending Adventure Just for You!

On our off-roading jeep tours, the fun never stops! We always do our best to ensure you have a great time. We can also customize a tour just for you.

Create happy memories with your companions, family and friends.

Book one of our Safari jeep tours now!