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Sit or lie on a sand dune at night to witness the awesome mass of brilliant stars that you will never forget. The same stars observed by the silk road traders to guide them through the area now named Jaisalmer.


Watch the Sunrise

Immerse yourself in the magical, peaceful passing of dawn, as the desert sky shifts from starlit darkness to rich golden hues. We will escort you to the top of the dunes to capture this glorious time of the day. Or you can watch the sunrise from our rooftop.

Hitting the dunes in a jeep in Thar Desert Jaisalmer, an experience you won't forget

Jeep Dune Adventure

For an adventure you will never forget, try a fun 40-minute dune bash in an open jeep across Sam Sand Dunes. Or start your day off with a jeep safari and then watch the sunrise. Knowing our drivers are experienced and safety aware, you can relax into the thrill of a lifetime.

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Half day jeep tour

We will take you to the golden relics on the outskirts of Jaisalmer. Tour includes:

  • Bada Bagh (the beautiful cemetery of the Bhatti royal family)
  • Lodrawa (the ancient capital of Jaisalmer)
  • Amar Sagar (the intricately hand-carved Jain temple)
  • Kuldhara (the mysterious abandoned village)
  • Ruins of Khaba Fort (once inhabited by the prosperous Paliwal Brahmins)
  • Sam sand dunes with camel ride as an additional option
  • Bottled water and fruit.

Tour runs for 4 to 5 hours

Morning tour departs camp 8.00 AM

Afternoon tour departs camp 1.00 PM