Stargazing in the peace of desert night

Stargaze in the peace of desert night

We will take you to the dunes to connect with awe of the desert on an even grander scale. Imagine an evening lying peacefully on a moon-lit dune, gazing into the clear night sky and beyond into the universe.

Our jeep will drive you far from the lights of the city and camps and set you up on a dune, to stretch out on your mat, find your comfortable position, gaze upward towards the heavens and surrender to the splendour of the cosmos.


  • Transport to the dunes by jeep
  • Rug and cushions
  • Blanket on colder evenings
  • Campfire (optional)

Tour runs up to 2 hours

1 jeep (1–5 people) Rs 2000

Extra person Rs 300

Contact us to arrange your special evening.

Desert Stargazing Experience

Desert stargazing is a special, captivating experience.

Humans have been staring up at the night sky in wonder for as long as human history exists. And nothing compares to doing this in the desert – away from the city’s bright lights and pollution, watching the sun set over the golden sands, then the beautiful night sky unfolding as the last tendrils of the day disappear – being utterly enchanted by the Milky Way, the constellations, and shooting stars.

You should try it!

Desert, Night Sky, You and the Milky Way

The infinite night sky above the desert is a powerful reminder of the infinite possibilities and mysteries of the universe we live in.

The combination of pleasant night skies, with lights from bright stars and planets millions of light years away, and the quiet desert land away from town may be precisely what you need to clear your head. Seeing the solar system, the Milky Way, clear-as-day meteor showers, and the andromeda galaxy wheeling overhead, can be an almost cinematic experience.

Forget stargazing from the back of your car, from a rooftop in town, or simply staring from your window at night – they are nothing compared to star gazing in the desert.

See the Milky Way in the Desert

It is estimated that around 83% of the world live under light-polluted skies and cannot see the Milky Way. For many children, the only time they see the Milky Way is in photos.

The best places to see the Milky Way are away from bright city lights and pollution, and in locations where there are unlikely to be clouds or rain. Where there is no light pollution, you can see the stars in stunning detail. And as soothing and rewarding as stargazing anywhere can be, imagine the clearer picture you can get with your naked eye in the desert.

Starlit sky in the Thar Desert Jaisalmer

Best Places for Stargazing in India

One of the best places for stargazing in India is in the Thar Desert near Jaisalmer. The clean dry air makes for gorgeous night views, with moonlit dunes of sand below and a sparkling canopy of stars above.

This makes the Thar Desert near Jaisalmer one of the best places for viewing the Milky Way and the many other beautiful constellations visible in the Indian night skies, including Cygnus, Orion, Cancer, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Aries, Lyra and Pegasus.

The desert of Jaisalmer is remote, uncivilised, ancient. While during the height of the summer the desert is burning hot, Sam Sand Dunes in Jaisalmer is a beautiful place to visit during the Autumn and Winter months between September and March. During this season the weather become pleasant, the night sands become cool and the sky is clear.

Queen of Thar Desert Camp is one of the best desert camps in Jaisalmer and an excellent place to arrange your desert stargazing. The camp sits on the edge of the Thar Desert beside the Sam Sand Dunes around 40 km west of Jaisalmer. To go stargazing you can stay in the camp for a delicious dinner of traditional Rajasthani food and then be entertained by local artists performing traditional folk music and dancing, then go out into the desert where the night sky shines brightest with glittering stars. Then back to your luxury safari tent at the camp for a good night’s sleep in a lovely, comfortable bed. Or you can spend the night on the dunes with an overnight desert safari, for a quintessential desert sand and stars experience.

Feel the Difference of Desert Stargazing

Let’s paint a picture of this fantastic camping evening for you. After tours, armed with camping gear, and visiting other spots, it’s finally time for the Milky Way.

So here you are, telescopes or binoculars in hand under the night sky, being bathed in a meteor shower, long exposures to the stars of the heavens in their array of beautiful constellations. The land is not left out, with dunes and valleys, and complete oneness with the visible rich history of desert lands.

The quiet tranquility of the desert night in the sand dunes is magical

Be Prepared for Your Desert Stargazing

For a thrilling experience of stargazing, camping gear, an excellent red-light flashlight for darkest skies, binoculars, telescopes and a good camera, all make your stargazing events memorable.

What Are You Waiting For?

So, if you are interested in stargazing in a great location, or just looking forward to a brief escape from your busy life, then visiting the starry skies of the Thar Desert Rajasthan with Queen of Thar Desert Camp can be one of your best ideas.

Let us make it happen! Experiences like this are best lived, not narrated.