Dune Bashing Jaisalmer

Jeep Safari across Sam Sand Dunes

For an adventure you will never forget, try a fun dune bash in an open jeep across Sam Sand Dunes. Or start your day off with a jeep safari buzz and then unwind watching the sunrise from the dunes. Knowing our drivers are experienced and safety aware, you can relax into the thrill of a lifetime.


  • Pick up and drop off at your camp
  • Safari

Tour runs for 40 minutes, up to 1 hour return

Contact us to arrange your thrill of a lifetime.

Go dune bashing in Jaisalmer

The anticipation as you climb into the back of the jeep and hoon out of the camp towards the dunes is almost as exciting as hitting the dunes itself. Driving away from the camp past the lines of camels and other activities along the roadside, you can feel liberated and somehow elevated from the grounding normality of home.

In the immensity of the undulating desert, there’s really only two ways to get right into the dunes. One is with the rocking traipse of the all reliable and placid camel, the other is with the ‘muscle of the desert,’ the nimble 4-wheel-drive jeep.

If you are looking for a thrill during your trip to Thar Desert Jaisalmer, go no further than Jeep Safari. Also known as dune bashing, Jeep Safaris take you on a rollicking roller coaster ride up and down and over the soft, shifting dunes at rapid speeds by an experienced driver.

Most people prefer a view from the top, standing in the back of the jeep, gripping the roll bars as they bump, slip and slide through the sandy hills and troughs, the sun beaming on their face as wind brushes their face and throws back their hair. Still, for those who prefer an upfront view and more comfort inside, taking the ride in the desert jeep’s cabin can still be a buzz. Indeed, who wouldn’t come back without a big smile on their face?

Most people like to feel the sun on their face and wind in their hair as they bounce over the dunes in the desert jeep in Thar Desert Jaisalmer
A comfortable ride in the jeep’s cabin can be just as fun

After a boisterous drive over and around the dunes, your desert jeep driver will stop so that you can take photos as the sun starts to set spreading glorious orange hues across the horizon. Jeep Safari (or dune bashing) can be capped off with a heart-warming ‘recovery’ masala chai by the local chai wallah nestled in the dunes where you can cool down and savour the whispers of the desert, often where hard-working camels are also taking a break.

A bit more to know about…

  • Expect your adventure to take around one hour from pick up to drop off at the camp.
  • We don’t recommend children under the age of 4 years of age join this adventure. It is preferred that children under 11 years of age sit in the jeep’s cabin.
  • As this adventure involves rapid movements, we recommend that you do not eat a large, oily meal beforehand.

Your desert jeep is ready…

So, make Jeep Safari one of your Jaisalmer adventure activities. You can book now through Queen of Thar Desert Camp as a separate activity or as part of your camping experience at Sam Sand Dunes.